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Trucks deliver the food we eat, clothes we wear, and consumer goods we enjoy on a daily basis; but they don’t drive themselves. With tens of thousands of truck drivers nearing retirement, there is a demand for new talent to enter the trucking industry. According to the Conference Board of Canada, the growing gap between the supply and demand of drivers is expected to reach a shortage of 25,000 by 2020.

An “unfilled” gap in the trucking industry could be costly to the Canadian economy. The essential industry accounts for 33 percent of the transportation sector’s real gross domestic product (GDP); moves 90 percent of consumer goods and food across Canada; and keeps the manufacturing, retail and wholesale trade industries running seamlessly. With the average age of truck drivers steadily increasing, far surpassing statistics for comparable occupations, there is a pressing need for “new drivers.”

With thousands of people training for professions or trades where the supply is greater than the demand, unemployment rates steadily climb leaving bills unpaid and honest, decent people desperate for an opportunity to make a living. The trucking industry is a rare beacon of hope, offering greater job security in a fluctuating job market.

New drivers must graduate from a certified training program to secure employment with most transportation companies. Established over 15 years ago as a subsidiary of the Musket/Melburn Transportation Ltd., Commercial Heavy Equipment Training (CHET) offers competitively-priced, high caliber professional driver training, focusing primarily on Class A (tractor-trailer) and Class D (straight truck) vehicles. As a member of the Truck Training Schools Association of Ontario (TTSAO), CHET graduates who are enrolled in our full program will receive a TTSAO certificate which is equivalent to two years of driving experience, which makes you more competitive in your field with higher salaries.

What sets CHET apart is its ability to offer job opportunities to its students via its parent companies Musket Transport Ltd and Melburn Truck Lines, upon successful completion of the training program. Arming students with the skills and specialized training demanded by transportation companies in the industry, Musket Transport Ltd and Melburn Truck Lines employs CHET graduates after successfully passing the company road test. Recognizing that a driving license is valuable only with a job in sight, CHET plays a crucial role in filling the gap in the industry, from training to gainful employment.

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We Train, We Employ.

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