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Program Overview:

Our “AZ” or “DZ” license refresher program is designed for individuals who have a current license, however, may not have driven a commercial vehicle recently. A driver who does not have the skills and/or knowledge to become employable is ideal for this training program. We would evaluate the driver’s current skills and focus the re-training on areas requiring improvement in order have the driver gain the skills necessary to become a safe and competent commercial vehicle driver.

HoursOverviewStudent-Teacher Ratio
24“AZ” In-Truck Training1:1
12“DZ” In-Truck Training1:1
50Classroom Tractor-Trailer Theory10:1
40Yard Operations. Topics include:

  • Pre-Trip inspections (Truck, trailer, containers, and chassis)
  • Intensive backing clinic
  • Orientation at various facilities

Program Prerequisites:

  • Full class “AZ” or “DZ” license.
  • Pass the MTO Driver Medical.
  • Provide a current Driver Abstract (DA).
  • Provide a current Criminal Record Search (CRS).
  • Provide a current Commercial Vehicle Operator Record (CVOR).


Career Opportunities:

There is a high demand for “AZ” drivers that have been re-trained at a TTSAO accredited school. We offer job placement assistance to our successful students in a number of different areas.

There is also a demand for “DZ” drivers. We work with many driving agencies and smaller companies to help provide opportunities for our students.

Jobs that require “AZ” drivers typically appeal to individuals that prefer not to load or unload their trucks at the shipper or customer. This career typically involves longer runs (usually cross-border) that may take a driver away from home for a single night or several weeks per trip. There are also opportunities for daily work that involves being home every night and on weekends. This type of license gives the driver the most control over their career.”AZ” license holders are also qualified to drive straight trucks, dump trucks, garbage trucks and vans should they wish. Job placement assistance is provided with this course. Adding an optional “C” endorsement to this license permits the holder to drive coaches (buses) and large (up to 24) passenger vans.

Jobs that require “DZ” drivers typically appeal to individuals who enjoy the physical aspect of loading and unloading their truck at a shipper or customer. This type of trucking typically involves working on a daily basis (perhaps cross-border) and being home every night and on weekends. “DZ” license holders are qualified to drive straight trucks, dump trucks, garbage trucks and smaller vans should they wish.

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