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CHET Goes Virtual with IRIS by iMVR

We’re excited to share that CHET has received a new virtual simulator. IRIS by iMVR is a virtual reality tool that enhances professional driver training and safety compliance. This new virtual simulator features snow plow and tanker simulations, so drivers can practice virtually before hitting the road.

CHET is proudly the only school to offer a tanker simulation program and the only school to use virtual reality training, because as the world changes and technology progresses, we believe it’s our duty to reflect those changes in the techniques we use to train our drivers.

What Is virtual reality training?

Virtual reality training incorporates VR technology with traditional driving school training. The biggest difference is that now, students can take our classes from anywhere – they don’t even have to leave the comfort of their homes to practice the skills they need to complete their trucking licenses. VR-based training increases accessibility for students who are unable to make it in to our training centre.

In light of COVID-19, our ability to offer virtual simulations is especially beneficial to those who can’t do in-person training for reasons such as their health or the inability to travel to the training center. Beyond COVID-19, we will be able to offer a virtual classroom for long distance training because where you live shouldn’t prevent you from pursuing the career you love.

What Is IRIS & What Are Its Features?
IRIS by iMVR was developed to teach drivers how to drive freight trucks and snow plows safely and efficiently. In fact, its features take virtual simulations to a whole new level that in-person training alone could never achieve. By incorporating VR simulations in our training, we’re able to provide our students with deeper insight into their skills and the areas they need to work on.

IRIS’s eye-tracking technology tracks your eye movements and analyzes your focus and distractions. The simulator’s artificial intelligence (AI) is able to analyze your overall technique and hone in on the areas in which you need to improve, and all data reports are recorded for students’ review.

Every driver will face obstacles on the road – construction and pedestrians, for example. IRIS immerses drivers in lifelike environments where they have the chance to tackle those challenges virtually before they have to in real life. It’s by preparing drivers to not only learn to operate transport trucks with ease but also confidently navigate real-life hurdles that we can ensure the safety of our drivers and the public.

The ability to offer courses from a distance is vital to ensure consistent, accessible, and effective learning for our students. The coronavirus pandemic has prevented travel and most in-person interaction, so now more than ever, CHET is proud to be the only school training our drivers with IRIS by iMVR’s virtual reality simulator.

View New Simulator Video: