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As more and more commercial truck drivers retire, an increasing number of positions are becoming available. A study run by the Conference Board of Canada on behalf of the Canadian Trucking Alliance showed a projected shortage of over 22,000 drivers by 2020! To fill these lucrative positions, there is a growing effort in the industry to educate prospective drivers on the many benefits and career opportunities of a career behind the wheel. Part of this effort has involved finding ways to reach out to new demographics, such as women and newcomers to Canada.

At CHET Academy, we continuously explore new ways to connect rewarding, profitable positions with individuals seeking new career opportunities. We have had the pleasure of having members of diverse populations pass through Commercial Heavy Equipment Training Ltd. (CHET), our registered driver training school. A number of refugees from Iran and Iraq with a background in transportation have successfully completed CHET, secured employment with Musket and become valuable members of our fleet.

Musket and CHET have been searching for an organization that would allow us to reach out to Syrian refugees seeking to secure employment and ease their transition to a new life in Canada. We are excited to announce that we have recently developed a relationship with Costi Immigrant Services, an organization that will allow us to do just that. Specifically, we will be working with Costi’s Mississauga Employment Services.

Costi’s team of professional career consultants work one on one with immigrants so they can explore career options, develop employment goals and learn the requirements for job training and placement in their field of choice. They take the time to get to know each individual so they can find a position that best fits their skills, strengths, experience, and interests. Their services are available at no cost, making them an invaluable and important resource to new immigrants and refugees who are eager to rebuild their lives and support their families. Costi currently has six offices across the Greater Toronto Area.

Costi’s career consultants are looking forward to a relationship with Musket. We have experience working with immigrants interested in capitalizing on existing skills and developing new ones in order to find meaningful employment. On October 19th, several members of the Musket team, including, Sophia Sniegowski, Product and Project Manager, Ian Baboolal, Sales Manager and Phil Fletcher, CHET Operations,  presented an informative session to career consultants at the Western Mississauga office detailing our CHET program and the skills required to thrive in a career in transportation. Click here for the Facebook post from the meeting at Costi.

Our presentation was extremely well-received. After addressing the team’s questions, we mutually established our suitability as a supplier of training and potential employer for Syrian refugees and other newcomers to Canada with a background in transportation or interest in pursuing a second career path.

With this new relationship in place, it is our hope that we can play a role in empowering Syrian refugees and others to find steady employment in an industry of their choosing. Costi provides government-funded grants that allow them to complete the CHET program, making our program accessible to all eligible applicants.

CHET graduates who go on to work for Musket appreciate our diverse routes, flexible schedules, the independence of a career behind the wheel, and the multitude of professional growth opportunities we offer. To learn more about Costi, visit