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Backing Clinic

We offer a Backing Clinic which focuses on the pure essentials of backing articulated vehicles. Offered to just 3 or 4 students at a time, these will be directed at MTO requirements with some variations for real life scenarios.

Pre Trip Clinic

This Clinic will replicated the requirements for passing the MTO Exam, both in outside examination of the tractor and trailer, as well as the In Cab segment. We will train the candidate in proper speed of completion and detail and description. The In Cab will cover items and Air Brake checks. We train to the level of Company required PTI’s for Road Tests.

Coupling/Uncoupling Clinic

The correct and proper procedure for both coupling and uncoupling large, heavy equipment will be demonstrated and copied by the participant. The use of Air Suspension systems will be covered as well.

B-Train Clinic

We train for safety first, and it is a must to control your trailers while backing B trains. We concentrate on backing with B trains, as it is normally a large adjustment to make. Also, it is a key point to understand the spacing and weight for managing safe operation on the roads. B trains carry much more weight and can do a lot of damage if not run properly. Speed and space management is so much more important because of the increased risk. We are the only training academy currently, that will train on B trains.

Post Air Brake Practical Test

For any aspiring drivers who have their written Air Brake endorsement, and require the Practical Test segment of their ‘Z’ endorsement, we will set up a Practical test clinic to ensure you get trained to Pass. As a Signing Authority for Air Brakes, we are authorized by MTO to award your ‘Z’ if you Pass.

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