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It’s hardly been business as usual for most of the world these last couple of months. The COVID-19 pandemic has either forced companies to shut down or completely restructure their day-to-day operations to stay afloat and maintain some sense of financial stability.

Hand sanitizer, toilet paper, and non-perishable foods are flying off grocery store shelves faster than most can keep them stocked, and home deliveries are 30% higher than normal. And as hospitals struggle to properly equip their health care workers, the world has come together to manufacture and donate masks and other medical supplies in an effort to minimize the impact of coronavirus on our communities.

Among all the chaos, commercial drivers—like the hard-working men and women at Musket— are doing everything they can to make sure food, medical supplies, and household goods get to where they need to be so that no one is without the necessities.

Throughout history, commercial drivers have been the behind-the-scenes backbone of society, supporting the economy and ensuring the smooth, efficient delivery of about 66 million shipments per year)—across cities, provinces, and around the globe. Regardless of whether goods arrive by air, rail, or water, the end delivery is always completed by truck. Countries have always depended on truck drivers’ support on any given day, but most importantly, in times of need.

In light of COVID-19, our hope is that communities become aware of the hard work and strenuous hours drivers put in to not only support their own families but also the families of every single person across the country.

As an essential business, Musket is taking every precaution possible to ensure that we are available to our drivers, customers, and support staff.

Thanks to fundraising efforts and the generosity of our community, we were able to secure PPE for our drivers. Notably, MPP Natalia Kusendova and the NGO Canada Sews made very generous donations that have allowed our drivers to continue delivering supplies, food, and PPE to those who need them—without sacrificing their safety.

We also managed to procure hand sanitizer from Bread & Butter Designs, a woodworking studio that restructured their business to manufacture hand sanitizer—and sell it at affordable prices—in response to the pandemic.

In unprecedented times like we’ve experienced these last few months, it’s easy to let fear and uncertainty overshadow the positive in the world. But instead of focusing on the what ifs, we would like to take the opportunity to shine some light on the individuals going above and beyond.

Each month, we’ll be sharing Musket drivers, mechanics, and support staff who have shown exceptional positivity and dedication to helping the community during these tough times.

Watch our Freight Heroes – THE TEAM: