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In an increasingly wired world, it’s no wonder that we search online for all our information. It’s right there at our fingertips. When we need to know something or learn something, we “Google it.”

But when you need quality instructional information, sometimes general online searches don’t suffice. Herein lies the value of online training. It combines online convenience and flexibility with the informative, comprehensive information found in a traditional training program.

Online training is rapidly emerging within the trucking industry. The Ontario Trucking Association already provides a range of online training courses, from “Transportation of Dangerous Goods” to “Practical Vehicle Inspection”. Premium driving schools are also beginning to integrate digital media into their curriculum, and CHET is no exception. Video is also being increasingly used in driver training.

CHET is undergoing an array of changes to give our students digital access to more and more of the tools they need to thrive in our program and behind the wheel after graduation. Our team is in the process of making video tutorials, training materials, and resources available to students online. Additionally, CHET is progressing into online testing from remote locations – as opposed to on-site only – making it more convenient for students to complete their training regardless of their geographic location.

We have already begun exploring the inclusion of training on ELDs (Electronic Logging Devices), a technology that exists today and is the way of the future. ELDs enable drivers to monitor their hours of service and legal off-duty times on portable devices like a tablet or cell phone.

The industry is also seeing a move towards monitoring drivers and their units remotely with telematics from the truck back to the Service Bay when there is a problem or a potential breakdown.  This is all done without the driver’s knowledge unless a code is triggered on the ECM.

To prepare for this, we at CHET have begun to develop a new chapter for our Computer Modules which will enable our students to manage their expectations and adapt to change.  Our industry is on the cutting edge of this type of new digital integration, and those drivers who get on board now will be riding the tide of change.

Industry News: Volvo Driver Training Courses Now Available Online

Volvo Trucks Academy has launched an online video portal that breaks down driver training procedures, making them an invaluable tool to commercial driving students as well as drivers already in the workforce. It’s clear video tutorials effectively bring maneuvers, driving strategies and technical procedures to life.

Currently, these videos – or eLearnings – are available to customers and drivers through the Volvo Trucks website. Fleets and driving schools that utilize Volvo vehicles are not charged for their drivers to access the Volvo Driver Training website.

Accessing the site is simple. Drivers complete an easy registration, log in, select the available courses and track their completion of the courses. Upon successfully completing an eLearning, drivers perform a short test and receive their score. Courses can be repeated as necessary to review content.

At present, there are 13 eLearnings available covering the unique features of Volvo trucks as well as best practices relevant to all truck drivers:

  • Driving for Fuel Efficiency – Principles of Shifting
  • Driving for Fuel Efficiency – Maintenance Principles
  • Driving for Fuel Efficiency – Momentum Management
  • Driving with SCR
  • Understanding the Diesel Particulate Filter
  • Effective Pre-Trip Inspection
  • Volvo Vehicle Basics
  • Driving with VEST
  • Driver Information Display (DID)
  • Volvo Passive and Active Safety Devices
  • Understanding and Operation I-Shift
  • Volvo Idle Reduction
  • Volvo Enhanced Cruise

As we work to overhaul the CHET website, we are actively exploring the possibility of creating our own digital portal for students. Once we reach this milestone, we hope to integrate Volvo‘s portal with the CHET student portal to give students unprecedented access to invaluable resources. Stay tuned!

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