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MET Educational Partner

If you enjoy being out on the road and having a career that is stable, you should join the transportation industry. There is a driver shortage throughout Canada and the US and the industry is growing. There are many former military personnel who have transitioned into transportation, it’s a remarkable fit.

The compelling similarities between transportation and military. 

Military personnel are outstanding associates in transportation due to the similarities in lifestyles. There is a set structure in terms of policies, laws and regulations that need to be followed to the highest standard. The sense of discipline taught in the military translates perfectly into the role of a professional truck driver.

Reliable truck drivers are hard to find and that is why we are reaching out to the military community through Canada Company. Our driver training academy will train all applicants to the highest standards set by the Ministry of Training, Colleges and Universities. Once a CHET student graduates and passes their AZ Road Test, we connect them with a driver job at the Musket Transport Ltd.

We Train, We Employ

There are many opportunities with the truck driving occupation. You can be a company driver, contractor or owner operator; you can work part time or full time; you can be a short haul or long haul driver and do cross-border. CHET Academy prepares you for each of those possibilities so that our graduates can easily transfer into their chosen driver profession following their graduation.

Aside from the multiple variations of truck driving, there is also the possibility to grow your career. We have many examples at CHET and Musket Transport of drivers becoming instructors and later managers. This is an industry that is continuously growing and the opportunities are endless.

About Commercial Heavy Equipment Training Ltd. – CHET

CHET is approved as a Private Career College (PCC) under the Private Career Colleges Act, 2005. We are able to grant T2202 federal tax receipts making our courses entirely tax deductible. We are a proud member of the Truck Training Schools Associations of Ontario (TTSAO) which allows us to issue their certificate recognized by the insurance industry. CHET’s curriculum already conforms to the NEW Mandatory Entry Level Training mandate being brought in by the Ministry of Training, Colleges and Universities unveiled earlier this year. Unless you have been trained to this mandatory minimum level you will not be allowed to take your AZ Road Test with the Ministry of Transportation. CHET, as part of the TTSAO, already has met these standards required by this proposed legislation.

At CHET, our focus is on you and your skills to ensure that you succeed in the profession. We value our students, their safety and their training. You are important to us!