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Photo courtesy of Kate McG Photography, Snapd Queen

Musket as a company is dedicated to taking steps to reduce pollution and put in place measures that help the environment. There are an estimated 86 million metric tons of plastics in our oceans – that’s five trillion individual pieces. This is why raising awareness about polluting our waters is very important.

Photo courtesy of Anya Mielniczek

To highlight the impact of plastic pollution on the world’s oceans, Dell EMC Canada commisioned artist Anya Mielniczek to create a large-scale art installation.

Anya Mielniczek is a Toronto based, multidisciplinary artist working in various forms of artistic creation and facilitation since graduating from Queen’s University in 2012.

The Artist uses mixed-media to explore themes around human nature and highlight environmental sustainability, working heavily with such materials as garbage bits and plastic bags emphasizing a proactive and informative approach to art making. The Art installation was located on Harbourfront during the World Ocean’s Day weekend (June 8 -10th). Here is what Anya had to say about the installation:

“Bags, bottles, straws.

All single-use plastics we use momentarily and a problematic reality facing the health of our planet with too many annually ending up in our oceans.

With this in mind, the idea for the installation came from this hard truth, single-use plastic is not cool, or pretty, it just is there. And there are billions of tons of it entering our environment. The numbers are staggering, but they’re also powerful.

I’m interested in reflecting these numbers, the mass of these bottles, straws, and bags, keeping the material integrity of the plastic pieces so there’s no confusion who the main attraction of the installation is and ultimately offering a tangible scale of the larger issue at hand.

The piece will be organized to reflect an underworld landscape, with schools of plastic fish surrounded by columns of seaweed towers.

Enter, the big 3.”

Photo courtesy of Anya Mielniczek

Musket Transport contributed to Anya’s art piece by collecting and storing recyclable plastic bottles and bags from its employees for Anya.

“Your plastics and the amount collected added a great deal of volume to the final piece! I appreciate the support and for all your collective efforts. Thank you to your amazing team.”
– Anya Mielniczek on Musket’s contribution