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The Musket Transport Ltd (parent company of CHET) has agreed to provide preferential treatment to job applicants and newly licensed AZ drivers from TTSAO member schools in addition to our successful graduates from CHET.  This has the effect of waiving the requirement for 1 year of driving experience currently required of all prospective drivers by The Musket Transport Ltd.

Applicants from TTSAO schools are encouraged to contact the driver manager of The Musket Transport Ltd directly at (416) 275-1715 or and provide documentation that showcase that they are a recent TTSAO graduate. This hiring program ensures that newly hired Musket drivers are trained to the industry standards and helps the company reduce its operating & training costs in the competitive intermodal transportation field. To register for CHET driver training today click here. If you already have an AZ license, click here to apply online for a driver job at Musket.

We Train, We Employ.