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One of the most critical factors that determine the success of a community is its ability to offer its citizens meaningful, gainful employment. Since its inception, Musket Transport Ltd. has been dedicated to finding ways to connect hard-working members of the community with stable, lucrative positions in the commercial transportation sector.

On September 13th, 2018, Peel Region hosted its first ever Employer Appreciation Event, recognizing Musket Transport and CHET as top employers in the region. Anthony Dyal, Musket’s Fleet Resources Manager, and Philip Fletcher, CHET’s Operations Manager, were invited to attend the event and accept a plaque of acknowledgment.

While Phil was unfortunately unable to attend, Anthony was thrilled to attend and accept the award of Musket’s behalf. It was fitting that Anthony accepted the award, as he has actively and personally been involved in developing a professional partnership between Musket and the City of Mississauga for over 10 years.

The event featured greetings from Peel representatives followed by a presentation by an impressive line-up of employment development specialists and guest speakers. The presentation was followed by a recognition and award ceremony.

“I have had the privilege of working together with Anthony Dyal and Musket for over 15 years, and most recently Philip Fletcher (CHET) in helping job seekers to acquire meaningful employment,” said a Peel’s Employment Development Specialist, Tina Walzak.

“I admire the passion and dedication that Musket and CHET offer to individuals in helping them to succeed. The Region of Peel wants to recognize and appreciate Musket Transportation, as well as Anthony and Philip and all the staff for their partnership in assisting job seekers to reach their goals. We need more employers, like Musket and CHET, in Peel who are willing to give back to their community,” Tina Walzak.

 The Region of Peel deserves equal if not greater recognition for its commitment to finding its residents meaningful employment opportunities. It assists businesses in Brampton, Caledon, Mississauga, and surrounding areas find the right employees.

Peel region provides businesses with assistance in employee selection and staffing solutions. It posts jobs, pre-screens applicants who fit a business’s search criteria, provides employers with financial assistance for training costs, organizes job fairs to respond to employers’ hiring needs, helps employers save time and money by recruiting the right staff and providing support to ensure candidate placements are successful.

Musket Transport and CHET have worked with Peel, filling positions with locals who fit the necessary requirements for available positions. For instance, when Musket recently required a mechanic, the Peel region offered pre-screening and assisted applicants in getting the necessary criminal background check. To help Musket find an appropriate candidate, they carefully reviewed the posted position and location to ensure candidates were aware of all job requirements and had a means of daily transportation. Finally, they were prepared to fund additional training if an applicant required it, increasing their hirability.

CHET has also been a training provider with respect to drivers and Musket Equipment Leasing Ltd. has been a training provider for mechanics. In the Fall of 2017, Peel requested that Musket – in conjunction with CHET – put together a trial run in the fall of 2017 to gauge the merits of running an AZ licensing training program. The objective was to take 7 program participants from a regular G license to a fully realized AZ license, then transition them into jobs as company drivers. After the program began, 3 additional candidates joined, two of which already had AZ licenses but needed to refresh their skills and knowledge and renew their confidence before returning to the road. Ultimately, the program was a success, with 9 of the 10 participants earning their licenses.

Candidates appreciated that upon successful completion of the training program, they would be considered for employment as a Musket driver. As part of its ongoing effort to train and hire local talent, Musket has hired 54 individuals in the last four months alone, 45 of which will be joining the Musket family as company drivers. On a selective basis, Peel currently offers funding to highly motivated candidates interested in receiving AZ driver training and pursuing a career in the field.

“We have felt very fortunate to be singled out amongst training schools and carriers for job development [and] accessed for our expertise in training and job placement … We intend to fully commit to this key relationship [with Peel] and utilize the manpower and resources that the Region will put behind it to benefit our community, the individuals selected, and our transportation partners,” said Philip, CHET’s Operations Manager.

Photographed at our 20th Anniversary Open House our Operations Manager Philip Fletcher, Musket’s Fleet Resources Manager Anthony Dyal and Peel’s Employment Development Specialist, Tina Walzak.