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Our “Senior Driver License Renewal” program offers the opportunity to train for your annual MTO road test which is required yearly of all commercial drivers upon reaching 65 years of age. The program involves a two hour evaluation with a certified in-cab instructor plus additional hours of specialized training if needed. An air brake course must be taken before the test is booked. Once training is completed, we book your road test at the DriveTest facility and you have the option to use a school truck or your own on the day of the test.

HoursOverviewStudent-Teacher Ratio
2In-Truck Training1:1
4Classroom Tractor-Trailer Theory10:1
40Yard Operations. Topics includes:

  • Pre-Trip inspections (Truck, trailer, containers and chassis)
  • Intensive backing clinic
  • Orientation at various facilities
12Air Brake “Z” Endorsement15:1

Program Prerequisites:

  • Full class “AZ” license.
  • Provide a current Driver Abstract (DA).
  • Provide a current Criminal Record Search (CRS).
  • Provide a current Commercial Vehicle Operator Record (CVOR).


Career Opportunities:

This course is designed for 65 year old individuals that would like to continue their driving employment in the transportation industry while taking away the stress associated with having to redo the driving and air brake tests. We provide you with the option of either a manual or automatic truck for the test. There are many opportunities for senior “AZ” drivers that have been recertified at a TTSAO accredited school. We offer guaranteed job placement to our successful students in a number of different areas.

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