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While road training is an imperative aspect of any professional driving course, especially one designed for beginners, there are many advantages to utilizing simulator training. This method of training allows for greater consistency and quantitative feedback. What’s more, it also adds an element of safety to driver’s training and reduces damage to equipment. Once a driver has practiced certain basic and advanced maneuvers via a high-tech simulator, they are better prepared to execute those same maneuvers on the road more safely and confidently.

The most advanced truck simulator system in the industry, the VS600M Truck Simulator is an impressively realistic tool designed specifically for driver training. It’s modeled after a standard truck cabin and boasts a fully functional pneumatic driver seat complete with typical controls, pedals, a seat belt and a fully adjustable steering column with integrated flashers and a trailer hand brake.

HoursOverviewStudent-Teacher Ratio
20The VS600M Truck Simulator is part of the “AZ” and “DZ” training programs. Students will receive an additional 20 hours of simulator training when enrolled in our driver training programs. Our simulator features:

  • Real truck parts
  • Multi-function touch display
  • Full simulation features
  • Realistic steering and response
  • Realistic response from the clutch, accelerator & brake pedals
  • Realistic kick-back & vibration on the shifter
  • Automatic/Manual transmission (10, 13 and 18 speed)
  • Three-axis motion system
  • Complete driver training and evaluation package
  • 3D sound

Program Prerequisites:

There are no prerequisites required. The VS600M Truck Simulator is part of the “AZ” and “DZ” training programs.


Career Opportunities:

The immersive visual system allows drivers to experience realistic vehicle behaviours under various traffic, road and weather conditions in a calm, relaxed environment. Students will be able to focus on improving their driving skills in various areas including: shifting, how to prepare and execute safe and proper turns, the effects of gravity during hill driving, understanding the concept of backing a tractor-trailer unit, and observation skills. Exposure to such required skills on the simulator will allow students to perform more proficiently during the in-truck portion of our training program.

Overall, our integrated simulator training prepares our students to be a more skilled and well-rounded driver. This in turn increases our graduates’ ability to gain employment and drive safely & efficiently in the transportation industry.

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