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CHET is now offering an industry certification program for driving Tankers Trucks!
Learn how to drive snow plow at one of Ontario’s best Truck Driving Schools.  At CHET, you will use the most innovative technology with experienced trainers to learn what strategies and solutions you will need for anyone who is looking to drive a tanker truck.

CHET is a member and on the Preferred training list for the Ontario Good Roads Association – The Ontario Good Roads Association advances the infrastructure and transportation interests of our members through training, advocacy and services.

IRIS by iMVR is award winning technology that marries virtual reality technology to critical skills learning for all drivers both new and experienced.

IRIS immerses professional drivers into a virtual reality-based driving environment in which eye movements are tracked. IRIS’s safety and compliance training results exceed industry expectations. You can select various options including time of day, weather, task, and equipment type to ​​create your individualized learning scenario. Replay each of your sessions to strengthen memory retention and support your driver.

This is simply the best training you will get in the GTA

For more information about this program please call either 905 275-4545 ext 227 or ext 288, or you can fill in the form below and someone will contact you promptly.