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If you’ve ever grown tired of sitting behind a desk or working for years in the same claustrophobic factory, then you understand the allure of fresh air, new challenges, and the changing scenery. As many commercial truck drivers near retirement, an increasing number of openings in this industry are becoming available. This shift is leading men and women to consider what a career behind the wheel of a tractor-trailer might look like and how it would fit into their lifestyles.

After spending five years earning a living at a factory, David O’Neill was ready for some fresh air and a new change of pace. Today, employed as a tractor-trailer driver, he loves the freedom of being on the road, whether he’s delivering a local shipment to Brockville Ontario or hitting the highway to head to Chicago.

The question is, what is it about life behind the wheel that is attracting individuals like Mr. O’Neill?

Operations Manager of Commercial Heavy Equipment Training Ltd. (CHET), a registered training school and subsidiary of The Musket Transport Ltd., explains:

“Our drivers appreciate the diversity of the routes, our flexible schedules and the independence that come with the territory, not to mention the many growth and professional opportunities we offer.”

Many successful CHET graduates go on to secure employment with Musket, and appreciate the company’s value of work-life balance. In addition to its many long distant routes across the border which appeal to those looking to rack up long miles on the road, Musket Transport Ltd. offers shorter routes. These schedules appeal to family-oriented drivers and drivers with other local commitments who appreciate the ability to spend every other night and weekends at home.

With positions opening up at some commercial transport companies more quickly than they can be filled, industry leaders are making a strong effort to make the benefits of a career in trucking more widely known. The Conference Board of Canada ran a study on behalf of the Canadian Trucking Alliance that projects a shortfall of 25,000+ drivers by 2020.

Trucking companies that offer long routes alone stand to suffer the burden of that shortfall while companies like The Musket Transport Ltd. attract a wider variety of qualified drivers. Its fleet ranges from those looking for schedules that allow them to spend abundant quality time at home with their children to individuals eager to drive shipments from Ontario and Montreal across the border along the East Coast and the Mid-West States. While many drivers – especially younger drivers – are interested in capitalizing on their earning potential, others with more established family lives are keen to find routes that allow them to earn a good living while maintaining a healthy work-life balance.

Because of the demand for drivers, individuals who receive the proper training can find stable work and a secure income for many years to come. It’s important to choose your commercial driving school wisely, with many sub-par unregistered schools popping up to take advantage of aspiring tractor-trailer drivers looking to cut their training costs. You may save money on training, but it’s a short-sighted move. The quality of training you receive at reputable, registered private career colleges like CHET that deliver the Ministry of Training Colleges and Universities (MTCU) mandated curriculum is incomparable.

CHET offers a combination of classroom education and one-on-one hands-on road training as well as simulator training. Completing 200 hours of training, at least 50 of which are on the road with a certified instructor, students exit the program with the skills and credits necessary to navigate the road with confidence and skill.

When successful CHET graduates find employment with Musket Transport Ltd. or another carrier, the rewards can be great. The average truck driver can earn between $60,000 to $65,000 annually while top tractor-trailer drivers can expect to earn $80,000+ each year. The Musket Transport Ltd. offers competitive benefits and bonuses that further reward employees for their commitment to excellence behind the wheel.

Read an article on one of our CHET Graduates titled “New Trucker Interview: Chris Schlottman, Canadian Driver” and published by Smart-Trucking. Chris Schlottman discussed how he came across CHET and why trucking was a good choice for him.

Article excerpt:

“Class AZ training — I received my drivertraining through CHET (Musket/Melburne) located on Cawthra Road in Mississauga. They are also TTSAO approved. Looking back, I know this was the right choice.”

For more information about admission to CHET, contact us today.