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Philip Fletcher photographed above by Lauren Spitznagel | The Musket Transport Ltd. Press Release

MISSISSAUGA, ON – After much anticipation, the Truck Training Schools Association of Ontario (TTSAO) election results are in! The results were tabulated on June 1, 2017.

The TTSAO is an association committed to providing the Ontario trucking industry with the highest quality entry-level driver training programs. It works diligently to raise the bar of driver education, safety standards and ethical business practice in the trucking industry across the province of Ontario.

The recent election showed that interest in being on the TTSAO Board of Directors has never been greater. The much anticipated 2017 election was held on June 1st, 2017 at Marsh Canada Limited (120 Bremner Blvd, Toronto, ON).

The newly elected Board, which will serve the 2017-2019 term, will be headed by President Kim Richardson of Kim Richardson Transportation Specialist Inc. Kim brings with him 30+ years of experience in commercial driver training. He has served as the Chairman of the Board for 3 years and helped shaped its growth both in revenue and membership. As Chairman, Kim was involved in shaping the SmartDriver Highway Trucking Program for heavy trucks through the TTSAO’s full member school including CHET, with the main goal of teaching drivers how to save fuel.

Kim will be supported by Yvete Lagrois of the Ontario Truck Training Academy, serving as Vice President and Jack Lochand of Alpine Truck Driver Training, serving as Secretary.

It is with pride and excitement that we announce that CHET’s very own Philip Fletcher has been elected as Treasurer of the TTSAO. The entire CHET and The Musket Transport Ltd., family offers Phil a heartfelt congratulations on receiving this honor.

Phil worked for 12 years as a driver and commercial truck driving instructor before assuming the role of Operations Manager at CHET in 2015. He has over one and a quarter million accident-free miles under his belt, giving him an intimate understanding of drivers’ needs and challenges. Phil is keenly interested in using his insight as a driver and instructor to help improve safety standards in the industry. With a strong background in financial security and experience running his own firm, Phil is well-suited for his position as Treasurer.

The TTSAO has expressed its thanks to all members who stood for this year’s election. Equally important to acknowledge is the current TTSAO Board of Directors whose committed efforts have helped foster the Association’s growth and improved standards for commercial driving education in Ontario. Without their expertise and dedication over the past few years, the TTSAO would not be where it is today. The new Board of Directors will assume their positions effective July 1st.

A Shared Commitment to Raising the Bar

As a result of the TTSAO’s involvement in improving the standard of professional driver training, significant changes and new standards have been introduced with the aim of ensuring that drivers in the field maintain a minimum level of knowledge and ability. These changes stand to benefit the safety of drivers as well as the general public with whom they share the road and interact with every day.

CHET has long been a member in good standing with the TTSAO. We are respected in the industry for our 20-year record of producing quality graduates for our parent company, The Musket Transport Ltd. CHET shares the Association’s core values and looks forward to supporting its initiatives new and old.

As a testament to our commitment to raising the bar of quality driver’s training in the trucking industry, CHET was the first school in Mississauga to achieve compliance with the new Mandatory Entry Level Driver Training (MELT) standard. In fact, as result of CHET’s rigorous program and road tests, the school was already above compliancy level prior to the introduction of MELT! The MELT standard was designed to improve the quality of driver training across the board, help eliminate license mills and refine Air Brake courses for the benefit of TTSAO member schools.

The MELT initiative requires that drivers in training complete a minimum of 103.5 hours of instruction, including 36.5 hours of classroom instruction and 32 hours of one-on-one driver training behind the wheel, before they can complete their road test. New MELT standards also include more demanding road and written examinations that challenge drivers to knowledge and practical skills. We also operate a 200 hour AZ course and have four Air Brake SA’s on staff.

For more information on the new TTSAO Board or CHET please contact

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