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Our “US (US CDL) to Canadian License Transfer “AZ” program offers the opportunity to train for Ontario’s MTO road test. This test is required as there are no reciprocal agreements between Canada, United States and other countries involving commercial driver’s licenses. Regulations require that to be employed as a driver with an address in Ontario you must have an Ontario driver’s license. The program involves a two hour lesson/evaluation with a certified in-cab instructor plus additional hours of specialized training as required. An air brake course must be taken before the test is booked. Once the training is completed, we would book your road test at the local DriveTest Center.

HoursOverviewStudent-Teacher Ratio
2In-Truck Training1:1
4Classroom Tractor-Trailer Theory10:1
5Yard Operations. Topics includes:

  • Pre-Trip inspections (Truck, trailer, containers and chassis)
  • Intensive backing clinic
  • Orientation at various facilities
12Air Brake “Z” Endorsement15:1

Program Prerequisites:

  • Valid and current commercial driving license.
  • Acceptable driving record.
  • Show desire to learn local driving techniques.
  • Show desire for a career in the transportation industry.


Career Opportunities:

This course is designed for driving professionals who would like to transfer their driving credentials to Ontario while taking away the stress associated with retaking the driving and air brake tests.

There is a high demand for “AZ” drivers that have been trained at a TTSAO accredited school. Many companies offer internship and apprenticeship programs to successful students to help them get their transportation professional career started. We offer guaranteed job placement to our successful students in a number of different areas.

Driving tractor trailers typically appeal to individuals that prefer not to load or unload their trucks at the shipper or customer. This type of trucking typically relies on professional shipper/receivers to load and unload using forklift trucks at the warehouse facilities. This career typically involves longer runs (usually cross border) that may take a driver away from home for a single night or several weeks per trip. There are also opportunities for daily work that involves being home every night and on weekends. This type of license gives the driver the most control over their career.

“AZ” license holders are also qualified to drive straight trucks, dump trucks, garbage trucks and vans should they wish. Job placement assistance is provided with this course. Adding an optional “C” endorsement to this license permits the holder to drive coaches (buses) and large (up to 24) passenger vans.

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