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The SmartDriver for Highway Trucking (SDHT) training program can help heavy-duty truck drivers improve their fuel efficiency by up to 35%. In addition to protecting personal income and industry competitiveness, SDHT benefits include reduced greenhouse gas emissions, less vehicle wear and tear, and increased safety.

Did you know?

  • . .. the cost of fuel is now the single largest expense for operating a heavy-duty truck – more than operator salaries, maintenance costs, or the purchase price of the truck?
  • … over 90 km/h, each additional 10 km/h increases fuel consumption by about 10%?
  • … at $1.05/litre, the cost of fuel for a heavy-duty truck getting 45 L/100 km and traveling 150,000 km per year is about $71,000?
  • … at $1.05/litre, improving fuel efficiency by just 10% would save $7,100 in fuel costs and reduce greenhouse gas emissions by about 14 tonnes per year?


Read more about our SDHT course in our blog article: Fast Facts on Fuel Efficiency and the SmartDriver Highway Trucking Program.

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