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Last month, CHET celebrated its 20th year in operation, and there was much to celebrate.

But, how did CHET reach this important milestone? Since its founding in 1997, CHET has become one of Ontario’s most reputable commercial driver training schools for many reasons, but one stands out: The CHET team goes the extra mile to ensure its drivers succeed long after graduation day.

The CHET-Musket Partnership

CHET is dedicated to providing the best driver training available, but it doesn’t stop there. Its learning-to-earning model allows students a smooth transition into secure employment with a reputable carrier!

One of the most attractive features of CHET is its relationship with its parent company, the Musket Transport Ltd. One of Ontario’s largest trucking companies, Musket Transport gives preferential treatment to CHET graduates. Knowing that there are jobs waiting gives graduates peace of mind that they will secure lucrative employment quickly, often immediately after graduation! In fact, over 85 percent of CHET’s AZ graduates are hired by Musket Transport! 66 CHET graduates were hired by Musket in 2016, and 34 have been hired in 2017 so far.

In addition to Musket Transport’s’ competitive rates, CHET graduates appreciate the many other benefits that set Musket Transport Ltd. apart as one of the top employers in the province. Here are just a few:

Flexible Scheduling. Musket works with its drivers to accommodate family obligations or emergencies. It offers flexibility and has various routes that fit different driver schedules and needs.

Work-Home Balance. Musket offers shorter routes to drivers looking to spend shorter stretches on the road. Drivers who choose to forego Musket’s long distance routes appreciate the ability to spend every other night and weekends at home. More family oriented drivers and those with other commitments at home tend to prefer this schedule.

Competitive Benefits. As an equal opportunity employer, Musket offers a comprehensive benefit program which includes life insurance, accidental death and dismemberment insurance, health care insurance, drug coverage, dental care and emergency travel assistance.

Growth Opportunities. When higher-level positions become available, Musket regularly promotes internally. It rewards drivers who demonstrate the necessary skills and have the proper qualifications to meet the challenges of the open position.

Newer Equipment. The Musket team believes drivers require the right tools and equipment in order to do their job safely and on schedule. Therefore, its’ equipment is 3 years old or less. Musket ensures that its trucks are professionally cleaned, and that its drivers have access to on-site repairs and knowledgeable mechanics.

Continuing Education. Musket is dedicated to keeping its team safe and up-to-date on the latest advances. It offers on-going driver training as required as well as renewal and refresher courses via CHET! Some interactive training options include state-of-the-art Simulator Training and the Virage Simulations VS600M Truck Simulator, which boasts realistic steering and responses from the clutch, accelerator and brake pedals; 3D sound and high fidelity visual scenes.

Referral Bonus Program. Musket recognizes its drivers’ efforts via a competitive referral program. Any driver who recruits US highway drivers or Montreal drivers that meet a set of criteria is eligible to receive a quarterly bonus for the maximum of a year. In addition, Musket also offers accessorial pay and has implemented a Safety and Performance Bonus Program.

Graduates who are not hired on by Musket Transport benefit from CHET’s established relationships with many other trucking companies and driving agencies.

Here are some of the other ways CHET students benefit from the training school’s relationship with its parent company, the Musket Transport Ltd.

  • Because CHET has access to diverse resources due to its relationship with Musket, instructors are able to obtain real-time information regarding technological advances, the evolving role of drivers, industry regulations, policy changes and more.
  • CHET is able to arrange high level industry speakers for its students via Musket and educate them about an array of topics, such as safe driving habits, new safety regulations, insurance issues, and more.
  • CHET hosts orientation sessions with Musket’s management to provide drivers with real industry perspectives. When necessary, CHET also hosts driver intervention meetings with Musket managers to correct drivers behavior and prepare them for real life as a professional driver.
  • CHET pairs up students with experienced mechanics so that when they secure employment as drivers at Musket they already have rapport with the maintenance staff.
  • Because Musket is at the forefront of changes and advances in the transportation sector, CHET’s program is being constantly adjusted by Musket. In turn, Musket constantly relies on CHET for special training and expert advice regarding equipment.
  • Musket has given CHET new trucks so that students can train and familiarize themselves with DPF and SCR systems.

Personalized Support Every Step of the Way

CHET’s approach to quality training has always been rooted in the idea that students are individuals with their own unique strengths, skills, learning styles and challenges. Instructors do their best to tailor the training program to meet each individual student’s needs and empower the students to learn according to their preferred learning style.

Many students who have come through CHET’s doors and gone on to have fulfilling careers in commercial transportation attribute part of their success to CHET’s dedicated instructors. They are known for taking a genuine interest in each student and empowering students to succeed by giving them the tools, resources, support and guidance they need.

CHET students who lack confidence behind the wheel, particularly with shifting and backing up, regularly get additional support including opportunities to shunt in and between Muskets yards with their instructor. Those who are struggling are provided with additional hours of training to ensure they have the necessary knowledge and skillsets. CHET instructors have also assisted drivers to overcome emotional difficulties and insecurities holding them back from achieving success.

Higher Level Tech and Training

CHET takes its responsibility to prepare its students for a safe and rewarding career behind the wheel seriously. Boasting a combination of classroom education and hands-on one-on-one in-truck training by certified instructors, it is no surprise that students become more than just AZ road test-ready. CHET graduates learn such skills as map reading, trip planning, understanding basic mechanical issues, transportation of dangerous goods, and much more.

Technological advances such as the automation of trucks are shaping the transportation industry, and CHET is ensuring its students are adequately prepared for their evolving role as drivers. Driver training has also evolved as a result of a myriad of technological advancements. A leader in Ontario commercial driver training, CHET is embracing these advancements. It continuously searches for ways to integrate and utilize new resources and tools to improve the quality of its driver training. Here are a just few technological advances currently being used to enhance the quality of driver training at CHET:

Simulator Training. While there is great value in hands-on training, there will inevitably be situations that a new driver will not encounter in training, from breakdowns to bad weather. Simulator training helps bridge the gap by preparing drivers for a variety of situations they may not face on the road during the in-the-cab portion of their training. In simulator training, drivers get an opportunity to put into practice the diverse skills they learn in the classroom, including shifting coordination, correct tempo and pace, use of proper RPMs, double clutching and the ability to turn corners safely.

Advanced Student Portal. The development of CHET’s new Student Portal is a reflection of its commitment to using technological advancements in digital media to improve the quality of driver training. Features such as the ability to complete portions of training online have also made driver training more accessible and convenient. Drivers-in-training that live far from training centers or have busy schedules can complete certain tests and computer modules remotely at their convenience. With access to a Smart Phone or personal computer, CHET students can review course materials, access educational tools and resources and track their progress with greater ease and convenience than ever before using a secure personal dashboard.

Multimedia in Training. Other key features that set CHET apart are its multimedia instructional videos, video tutorials and training materials. CHET’s driving trainers have produced videos that help demonstrate lessons that are hard to convey through a traditional oral presentation alone, such as “Sliding Tandems”. These instructional videos bring training modules to life, making them easier to conceptualize and understand. Topics covered in these instructional videos include Proper Circle Checks, The A’s and B’s of Air Brakes, and Coupling & Uncoupling – The How To.

What’s On the Horizon?

As the transportation sector evolves, so does the role and responsibility of drivers. CHET is constantly searching for new, innovative ways to adapt and improve its curriculum to provide training that best prepares students for a successful, meaningful career on the road. In addition to improving upon its learning-to-earning model, CHET is currently rolling out a variety of new hands-on initiatives such as an in-cab shadow program for DZ and AZ tracks and a mechanic match-up program in which students will receive more hands-on experience with the equipment. In the New Year, ELD training will be integrated into the curriculum, allowing students to get hands-on experience with the software and devices that all carriers will be using. As technology continues to improve there will be many other upgrades on the horizon. We are now witnessing an increase in the quality and production of automatic trucks.

Why “Going the Extra Mile” is Business as Usual

For the CHET team, going the extra mile isn’t something that happens once in a while when testimonials are needed or student enrollment is low. It is – and always has been – the norm. Since it was first founded, one of CHET’s mantras has been “we don’t succeed until our students succeed.”

Because of CHET’s commitment to student success and ability to adapt to changing technologies and industry realities, it has earned its place as one of Ontario’s most reputable commercial driving training schools. As CHET celebrates its 20th year running, the team looks forward to continuing to evolve and develop new programs and partnerships that give students the foundation of skills, knowledge and ongoing support everything they need for a safe, satisfying and financially secure career in transportation.

View our two student testimonials who encapsulate our motto of always Going the Extra Mile:

Smart Ugbekile

Francis Hammond

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