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The commercial driving industry – and the role of drivers today – has changed drastically over the last decade. The best driver training programs are constantly evolving to meet these needs. CHET is proud to be one such program, pushing the standards of higher learning in our sector.

By the end of September, CHET will launch our new Student Portal.

The key features of the Portal include…

  • Ability of students to choose their courses online and clearly identify which program they are enrolled in
  • Ability of students to book their own appointments, such as road tests, on-the-road training, yard work, etc.
  • Ability of students to pay for courses online
  • Ability to complete computer modules remotely and track their progress
  • Certification of Workplace Hazardous Materials Information System (WHMIS) training
  • A personal dashboard interface to track progress in computer tests, yard work and classroom attendance
  • 24 hour access, 365 days a year
  • Access to in-house training videos
  • Ability to download information to personal devices
  • SMS contact reminders 24 hrs before each lesson, backed up by email
  • Ability of Corporate Partners to enable employees to easily complete renewal courses or training clinics online as needed from their location
  • Ability of Musket drivers to renew their Transportation of Dangerous Goods (TDG) certification remotely, every 3rdyear, as per regulations

You Asked, We Answered

 The introduction of a Student Portal was largely motivated by student feedback. Your success is our success. That’s why we strive to create an optimal experience for our students and drivers.

A portion of our driver training requires students to complete tests on-site using our classroom computers. A number of students completed the course in a timely manner with the exception of these on-site tests.

In today’s digital age, convenience is critical. The original incentive for launching a Portal project was to adapt for greater convenience, simplicity and ease of use. The CHET team wanted to ensure that students could complete tests on-site or at home. We also wanted to make important educational tools and resources available through a secure site so they could be reviewed wherever and whenever was most convenient for students.

This addition will make the educational experience more accessible to students who currently commute from great distances to participate in our program. It will also transform the experience for students with restrictive schedules, such as busy parents or those carrying jobs while completing their training. Now students can complete modules or tests on weekends, at night or whenever they have free time. With the Student Portal, work can be completed on a Smart Phone wherever you have a connection!

CHET’s Online Portal mimics the model used by many universities and colleges today, where an online blackboard functions as a student portal that enables students to register for classes, access results and updates, and view course material on a secure website. Few other truck driving schools currently provide this service. CHET is paving the way. Our Portal has been custom designed to meet our students’ unique needs.

Our primary goals were to create a superior online tool to complement our driver training program, allow students to pay online for their program and enable students to book lessons remotely and cancel or change appointments with ease. Our Student Portal will also allow students to track their own progress without having to ask our administrative staff for updates. This will allow students greater control over when they are ready to take the Ministry of Transportation exam.  In this way, they can move through the program at their own pace.

It is worth emphasizing that our Portal will not replace the in-classroom, on-the-road, yard work or simulator training that we provide and have become known for. Rather, the Student Portal will complement our driver training services, allowing students to review materials and complete certain portions remotely. As a private career college and a member of the TTSAO, our curriculum upholds the new MELT mandate by the MTCU.

The Student Portal will be launching this month, but it will continue to be a living, breathing project. We will rely on feedback from our students, drivers and Corporate Partners to ensure it meets their evolving needs. CHET will continue to introduce unique, interactive and convenient educational tools to improve the student experience and empower our graduates to thrive in the transportation industry. Follow us and communicate with us via social media: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube and Google+

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