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For the third consecutive year, Musket has had the great privilege of working in partnership with Make-A-Wish Canada to make the wish of a child suffering with a life-threatening illness a reality.

Make-A-Wish Canada’s mission is to bring hope, strength and joy to children with serious pediatric illnesses at a difficult time in their lives. Touched by the organization’s mission, Musket was inspired to continue playing a role in helping to grant life-changing wishes for children with critical illnesses.

A Musket-Family Effort

A company BBQ held on Thursday, May 15th, 2019 at our Southdown Terminal in Mississauga kicked off the campaign to raise the funds necessary to make Nathan’s dream a reality. The annual barbeque was attended by members of the Musket team who, in addition to enjoying a delicious meal with their colleagues, felt driven to rally behind this important cause.

Several individuals deserve special mention for their efforts in ensuring the Make-A-Wish campaign was once again a success, including our dedicated lead organizer Melanie A. and our talented chefs Daryn R., Yuri S. and Joe L., who added specialty menu items such as grilled pineapple and “Joe’s Special Chicken” that required a MAW donation. Special thanks also go out to the marketing team, who set up the MAW donations and table, as well as the Southdown Team Lead, who prepared the terminal for guests and helped set up the BBQ itself. All their efforts resulted not only in an enjoyable event but also helped attract sizeable donations to help fuel the Make-A-Wish campaign.

The Musket Transport team feels fortunate to be able to play a role in granting the wishes of special, deserving young members of the community like Nathan who are facing or have faced critical illnesses. We look forward to continuing to strengthen our partnership with Make-A-Wish Canada, granting many wishes in the years to come.

“Time and time again, incredible things happen when the Musket family comes together to support this important cause which has become close to our hearts. We’re honored to have been able to play a small part in making it possible for Nathan and his family to enjoy this special time away together,” expressed Andy Balij, CEO and President.

Our efforts have also received special attention from Make-A-Wish itself. We were recently featured in an article you can read HERE.

This Year’s Dreamer: Nathan

This year, in partnership with Make-A-Wish Canada, Musket was able to fulfill the wish of Nathan, an eight-year-old living with Leukemia. Diagnosed with the illness at an early age, Nathan had to face and overcome challenges most people never experience in a lifetime.

A rambunctious, active kid, Nathan loves swimming, playing basketball, and jumping on the trampoline. When he isn’t on the move, he enjoys playing video games, Checkers, Uno and Tic-Tac-Toe.

Encouragingly, Nathan recently completed his leukemia treatment but still visits to Sick Kids for bloodwork and checkups on a monthly basis.

Nathan’s best friend is his older brother Cameron who says the best day of his life was the day his brother Nathan was born. Attached at the hip, Nathan and Cameron do everything together.

Nathan’s favourite colour is orange for two different reasons. First off, he loves Orange Crush and macaroni and cheese. Second, and even more importantly, it’s the official colour of the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society which will always have an important place in his heart.

Like any proud Torontonian, Nathan is a Toronto Maple Leafs fan who enjoys cheering for the team, especially his favourite player Austin Matthews. He is also a huge basketball fan.

One of Nathan’s greatest obsessions has always been water, which is why he “made a wish” to go on a cruise. He was thrilled when he learned his wish would be granted and is looking forward to exploring a cruise ship with his brother Cameron. He is excited to check out the pools and slides and have the chance to swim with dolphins and stingrays.

After “crushing leukemia”, he is so grateful to Musket and Make-A-Wish Canada for granting his wish and sending him and his family on the journey of a lifetime.