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(The Ridgeway Team: MTL/ Marketing/ I.T Department)

On Monday August 12, 2019, Musket Transport’s National Logistics Executive Paola Mes announced that Musket has opened a new cross dock and storage facility. The development of the facility was part of Musket’s continuous effort and commitment to growing and extending services to its customers and carriers in order to best meet their diverse needs. Located at 3550 Ridgeway Drive, Unit 7 in Mississauga, the facility became fully functional and available on August 12, 2019. It is Musket’s 4th terminal. The Ridgeway location already housed Musket’s MTL Division, Marketing Department and IT Department. The 4th terminal was a welcome addition to Musket’s three facilities in the Greater Toronto area.

The new facility is strategically located just minutes away from and with easy access to major routes such as the #401, # 403, # 407, #427, Queen Elizabeth and the Airport. The presence of the cross dock warehouse at the Ridgeway location provides a unique opportunity for CHET, whose instructors can utilize it to enhance their Backing Clinic. Prior to the expansion at Ridgeway, the Backing Clinic was held at the Cawthra terminal as well as some other off-site cross docks that instructors were aware of. Backing into a cross dock is often a difficult skill for new student drivers to master. The new Ridgeway cross dock will enable students tov hone this critical skill. Students will have guaranteed access to “backing training” at a cross dock. The existence of this new cross dock was especially beneficial while the Cawthra yard was being paved, making it inaccessible. Competitively priced key services

at the new facility include cross docking, storage and the repackaging and relabelling of pallets. For rates and more information, customers are encouraged to call 905-823-7800 and speak to their Sales Account Manager. General inquiries can be directed to Jaime Rosa (Ext. 264) or Paola Mes (Ext. 303).

(Blackwood Gallery and MTLs Logistics manager John Linck moving pieces in new cross-dock warehouse for MIT’s Swamp on the Move Project.)



(Photos from Musket Transport MIT, Black-wood Gallery Move Read More here: