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The Job Shadow Program takes place from October 18 to 19, 2017.

Committed to shedding light on the many benefits of a career in transportation, The Musket Transport Ltd. team is both proud and excited to participate in the External Job Shadow Program at the University of Toronto – Mississauga Campus (UTM).

The first UTM job placement at Musket Transport will take place in October when a student will shadow Fleet Resources Manager, Anthony Dyal, for a full office day at the Cawthra location. In 2003, Anthony joined Musket as a Crane Operator and was promoted to his current position below the VP of Service and Technical Support in 2008. In his role, Anthony coordinates emergency and maintenance services for the fleet. Anthony also serves as a liaison between CHET and Musket for new students and drivers. Having spent over 20 years in the industry, he has a wealth of experience to share. “I am looking forward to helping a person discover our industry and explore its possibilities,” Anthony says.

The UTM Job Shadow Program is built upon an experiential learning model that enables students to get a first-hand look at a work environment in an industry of interest to them. UTM externships consist of an introduction to the organization, interaction with employees, and an opportunity for students to ask questions about the work, education, and career path of the professional they are shadowing. At Musket Transport, the student shadowing Anthony will see front line management and executives at work, and be exposed to such areas as negotiation, conflict resolution, equipment coordination and delegation.

The UTM External Job Shadow Program allows students to work one on one with professionals/hosts who can offer guidance in their academic decision-making and careering planning. Rather than simply reading or hearing about a career option such as commercial transportation, students in the job shadow program have the opportunity to test drive a career and connect with employers in a meaningful way. They get invaluable insight into what a career in their field of choice would entail after graduation. This empowers students to make more informed career choices and pave their professional paths with greater confidence and focus.

Experienced professionals at Musket Transport are committed to giving back to the community and look forward to offering valuable advice and mentorship to UTM students starting their careers. This is one of Musket Transports many initiatives to educate students and the public about the numerous benefits of a career in commercial transportation.

“UTM’s Career Centre is thrilled to be partnering with Musket Transport to offer a job shadowing placement for our students. We look forward to a long and prosperous relationship moving forward!” said Dimitra Tsalpouris, Coordinator, Partner Relations for Experiential Learning at UTM.

For more career opportunities be sure to visit The Musket Transport Ltd. website.

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