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Transport and its driving school, CHET, have always strived to be at the forefront of innovation and technological advancement. At Musket, embracing best-in-class technologies and innovations provides drivers and mechanics with the cutting-edge tools and equipment they need to ensure safety and efficiency on the road. At CHET, updating the driver training curriculum and integrating new technologies improves the quality of training and arms drivers with tools for safe and successful careers in transportation.

Today more than ever before, students want relevant, mobile, self-paced, and personalized content – and that’s exactly what online learning enables. One way in which CHET has enhanced its program has been through the development and launch of an online student portal. The portal gives students the ability to select and pay for courses online, book training appointments and road tests, access in-house training videos and complete computer modules – all remotely at a time and place that is convenient for them. It also allows students to complete tests on-site or at home. Students have access to the portal 24 hours a day and use a personal dashboard interface to track their progress in computer tests, yard work and classroom attendance.

President and CEO of Musket Andy Balij saw value in expanding the eLearning platform to benefit not only drivers in training, but also employees including drivers and mechanics. A dedicated videographer and drone pilot were brought on board to produce instructional videos for each department head, creating material relevant both to drivers and mechanics. These dynamic videos – which are housed on Musket’s eLearning platform – will aid in the dissemination of safety procedures and equipment information, making the orientation of new hires and advanced training of Musket drivers and mechanics more seamless.

On October 27th, Musket introduced its eLearning platform at the company’s Quarterly Drivers Safety Meeting. Drivers received a custom Musket truck USB which contained the first set of instructional videos as well as PDF copies of all driver training materials. Additional videos and new materials will soon be available via Musket’s internal newsletter.

The instructional videos on the eLearning platform will also serve as a training aid for Musket’s Driver Management Team and Maintenance Department. The platform will be expanded to include a test component for both drivers and mechanics to reinforce new skills and concepts.

Professional videos which break down complex topics and niche terminology are particularly instrumental in helping drivers who are recent immigrants or refugees. The videos on the eLearning platform help close the gap for CHET’s many ESL students and Musket’s diverse employees, many of whom speak English as a second language.

As part of the same effort to embrace innovation to improve training and driver safety, Musket and CHET also made investments in technology including the VS600M truck simulator and iMVR training device. CHET uses these training devices to address important behavioural changes which ultimately ensure maximum road safety.

While such technological interventions in training will not replace in-cab training, yard work or the training that takes place inside the garage, they serve as invaluable supplementary aids.

Since Musket was first established, it has always seen the value in being technologically minded and developing its own software programs. The innovative eLearning platform is simply the next step toward expanding its technological prowess and adapting to the times. Because of evolving technology, the enhancement of equipment and changing rules and regulations, transportation is an industry in which ongoing training is required. By investing in new technologies, Musket will be able to attract more youth into trucking and arm existing students, drivers and mechanics with the knowledge and tools they need to succeed.

As a private carrier and private career college, Musket and CHET will always pursue best practices and innovative investments that will position them both as leaders in the field.