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Chief CHET Instructor – Bob J.

Bob has more than 40 years of combined experience as an instructor to date. His years of experience, knowledge, and skill coupled with his friendly, upbeat attitude make his training both informative and enjoyable. Bob is passionate about watching his students’ skills grow and enthusiasm strengthen. Bob regularly goes the extra mile to create a fun-filled atmosphere for his students and co-workers.

CHET Instructor – Miroslaw P.

Now a dedicated instructor, Miro transitioned into this role after driving with The Musket Transport Ltd. for 13 years. An air brake instructor and fleet driver trainer, Miro is known for his calm, professional demeanor and his love for working with people from diverse backgrounds. Miro is originally from Poland and is bilingual.

CHET Instructor – Walter M.

Part of the team since 2003 and has an IHSA certification and fleet driver training experience. Walter’s students benefit both from his expertise and his helpful, fun approach in the classroom and behind the wheel. As a native of Mexico, he is multilingual and speaks Spanish, Italian, and English. He also previously drove for our parent company Musket Transport.

CHET Video Instructor– John L.

John has had a long and impressive career. He served in the US Army for 20 years as a paratrooper and a Black Hawk Pilot. From 1988 to 2012 John served as a Toronto Police Officer for 23 years. In 2016, John joined CHET as an instructor bringing along his years of experience and a passion for discipline. He is focused on training divers to be safe and always professional.

CHET Instructor– Jorge C.

Jorge received his training at CHET. He has experience in a variety of vehicles including containers, reefers, and public transportation vehicles. Jorge had worked as a Driver/Trainer at Musket Transport for 10 years before joining CHET in 2017 as a full-time instructor. For Jorge, helping students is an ultimately rewarding experience. Due to his first-hand experience, Jorge understands the importance of being patient with students and addressing their issues from a more empathetic position.

CHET Instructor– Richard C.

Richard is a former member and Veteran of the Canadian Armed Forces.  After working in Information Technology Management for 20 years, Richard attended CHET as a student in 2016.  While working at Musket, Richard served as a Fleet Driver Trainer in the Montreal Lane, before transitioning to CHET as an Instructor.  Richard is an LLLC Certified Instructor in Professional Defensive Driving. Richard believes that the success of our school (CHET), and our Instructors is tangibly measured by the success of our CHET Students in the transportation industry.

CHET Instructor – Richard B.

Richard is a third generation truck driver with over 15 years of experience. He graduated from CHET in 2004 and immediately started his career as a Musket trailer highway driver. He came off the road to join Musket’s dispatch operations but returned to driving after a year and a half. Richard was recruited as a CHET instructor in 2019 and is the leading instructor with the new iMVR virtual reality and artificial intelligence training device.