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As a top ranking Ontario driving school, CHET has produced graduates sought after by the top carriers in the industry. But part of what sets CHET apart is its working relationship with the Musket Transport Ltd. As a subsidiary of the Musket Transport Ltd., many of CHET’s graduates secure employment with a top carrier. Some graduates become drivers for life, enjoying the flexibility and independence it affords them, while others ultimately transition into different roles within the company. The ability to evolve and advance into new roles permeates the culture both at CHET and the Musket Transport Ltd. New opportunities emerge as the driving school and companies continue to grow and thrive.

This month, we’re excited to announce that a new job title and role has been added to the roster at the Musket Group of Companies. Dwight N. will be Musket’s first ever Driver Liaison.

Establishing the new Driver Liaison position was the product of a focused initiative to improve recruitment and retention across all of our divisions. After one year of innovative pilot projects, it became evident that we need to improve communications with our professional drivers. As our Driver Liaison, Dwight will become that necessary bridge of communication.

Dwight continues to be an example of how hard work and determination can translate into an exciting career with forward momentum at the Musket Group of Companies. For two decades, he has played various roles on the team. With14 years of experience on the road as a driver, Dwight has over a million accident-free miles under his belt. He went on to work as an in-cab instructor at CHET and eventually transitioned into the role of CHET Operations Manager. His transition through various key roles in the company have primed him well to become our first Driver Liaison.

Dwight isn’t the only individual on the team who has risen in his career at the Musket Group of Companies. Phil F. has stepped into the role of CHET Operations Manager. After spending ten accident-free years on the road, he moved into an instructor role and became known for his patience, positive attitude, and dedication to helping students reach their goals. These attributes will certainly ensure his success in his new managerial role.

We wanted to highlight a few other members of the Musket Group of Companies family who have moved up the ranks over the years. The Musket Transport Ltd.’s Assistant Driver Manager Hazrat H. was originally a CHET graduate who was promoted. Susan R., an original employee of Melburn Truck Line Corp., also moved up through the company from a Safety and Health Compliance Officer to the Office Manager at our headquarters office. She also is responsible for all Human Resources issues throughout the Musket Group of Companies. Stephanie F., a diligent and detail oriented front desk receptionist, was promoted to an Inside Sales and Rating Clerk position within our brokerage division. There are also several mechanics and yard personnel that complete our AZ training while working for the other branches of the company.

The transportation industry has proven its ability to provide ambitious men and women with flexible and opportunistic careers. Because of the stability of trades and exponential growth of imports and exports, positions within the industry are ripe for the taking for individuals with the necessary drive, skill and experience. Regardless of whether goods come in by air, sea or rail, they ultimately need to be transported by truck to their final destination. For that reason, trucking will always be in demand, and an infrastructure will continue to evolve to meet that demand. That infrastructure enables experienced drivers ready for a change to further their career and move into challenging, rewarding new roles.

Perhaps the most notable example of growth opportunity within the transportation industry is our own CEO who acquired his AZ license in Canada and experienced difficulties securing employment due to his lack of driving experience. Motivated by circumstances, he started his own trucking-transport company in 1993, established CHET – the company’s own driver academy – in 1997, and later grew in 1999 through a merger with Melburn Truck Lines Corp. This marriage essentially created a family of well-experienced, knowledgeable and enthusiastic individuals working as a team to provide an unequivocal service to the shipping and trailer industry.

Not all trucking companies, however, cover every aspect of the transportation industry the way that we do at the Musket Group of Companies. Consequently, many carriers aren’t able to provide as many opportunities for personal career growth. Because of the Musket Group of Companies’ multifarious dealings, individuals in many roles – from drivers and mechanics to instructors and office administrators – are able to ascend within the company to positions which interest them most. While there are already tremendous growth opportunities within our companies, we continuously strive to better ourselves and expand opportunities for our students and drivers. Stay tuned for exciting new employment opportunities!

We Train, We Employ.