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The new Liberal government’s de-escalation of the Canadian military is resulting in significant new changes. As a result, thousands of military personnel will be entering civilian life in search of new careers. As these men and women begin their career transition, they are turning their attention to industries where their training and experience are most valuable and applicable. Above all, they are in search of stable employment that offers peace of mind.

It is not surprising, then, that many former military personnel have joined the transportation industry. The driver shortage throughout Canada and the US is expected to continue growing as the Baby Boomer generation retires. Because of the changing demographics, there has been a rise in carrier’s efforts to recruit military personnel, as well as youth and women. The driver shortage has created tremendous opportunities for individuals who enjoy being out on the road and are seeking stable employment.

But what makes the transition from the military to the transportation industry so smooth? Why are military personnel compatible? And what benefits does the transportation industry offer?

This has become an industry hot topic as of late. Angela Mondou, the President of Canada Company, spoke about it in her keynote speech at the most recent Women With Drive Summit.

Compelling Similarities

 Military personnel are proving themselves to be outstanding associates in transportation due to lifestyle and professional similarities. The military is best known for its structure. There are policies, laws and regulations that need to be followed and military personnel are held to the highest standard. The self-discipline and respect for structure taught in the military naturally translates into the role of a professional truck driver, as well as administrative office, IT and management roles.

Like truck drivers, military personnel are often away from home, work unsupervised and don’t sleep in the same bed every night. They enjoy mobility, independence and being part of a team with different roles but the same collective mission. They require special training to operate large pieces of equipment and navigate situational challenges on the road in real-time, from efficiently dealing with customs issues at border crossings to navigating breakdowns. All of these similarities facilitate a smooth career transition from military life to a career behind the wheel.

 Canada Company’s MET Program

 Canada Company is a charitable organization dedicated to connecting military veterans to military-friendly employers. They have over 100 dedicated partners, large employers who are committed to supporting this initiative.

To further its mission, Canada Company introduced the Military Employment Transition (MET) Program in 2013 with the aim of challenging the Canadian workforce hire an additional 10,000 veterans by 2023.

The organization has hosted several symposiums including the National Transportation Symposium in Toronto to further encourage military recruiting efforts by leaders in the public and private sector.

 On May 30, 2014, Canada Company held its first Western MET Conference, where six educational institutions from across Canada formed a National Education Consortium. Canada Company’s Education Consortium is a set of educational institutions from across Canada that work together to provide veterans and reservists with the education and academic accreditation to pursue prosperous careers after serving their country.

Because of the multitude of similarities between the transportation and military, carriers are eager to partner with Canada Company and become active recruiters.

CHET: A Proud Partner

CHET – Commercial Heavy Equipment Training Ltd. – is proud to be a part of Canada Company’s MET Program as one of their educational partners. We recognize the valuable and transferable skills and qualities the military community can bring to the transportation industry.

Through the MET Program, we are extending an invitation to former military personnel, inviting them to join us. Our driver training academy trains all accepted applicants to the highest standards set by the Ministry of Training, Colleges and Universities. Once a CHET student graduates and passes their AZ Road Test, we connect them with a driver job at our parent company, the Musket Transport Ltd.

 Military personnel considering a job in the transportation field have many options. They can train to be a company truck driver, contractor or owner operator; work part time or full time; and be a short haul or long haul driver with the option of cross-border routes.

CHET is dedicated to preparing graduates with the skills they need to pursue steady, meaningful employment upon completion of the program. Many of our graduates have gone on to become instructors or managers later in their careers. The industry offers abundant opportunities for growth and upward mobility.

Are you considering – or do you know someone who may be interested in pursuing – a lucrative career in transportation? CHET is…

  • An approved Private Career College (PCC)
  • Able to grant T2202 federal tax receipts making our courses entirely tax deductible
  • A proud member of the Truck Training Schools Associations of Ontario (TTSAO) which allows us to issue their certificate recognized by the insurance industry.

At CHET, we are 100% focussed on empowering students with the skills they need to succeed and secure employment upon graduating. If you or someone you know with a military background is transitioning to civilian life and considering employment opportunities, learn more about CHET today!

We Train, We Employ.