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Anyone who drives a vehicle fitted with an air brake system or an air-over-hydraulic brake system is required to have a Z endorsement on their driver’s license. This information will help you learn more about how to get the Z endorsement on your license.

To begin your career in trucking you must obtain your Ontario Class A or Class D Truck Driver Licence. The appropriate CDL endorsements you will need are based on the type of trucking career you plan to pursue. To obtain Ontario Air Brake Z endorsement, you are required to successfully complete Air Brake Z endorsement knowledge test. Making certain you are adequately prepared for your written knowledge test will prevent you from wasting time and money. Taking our practice Z endorsement test is the best way to get prepared.


Program Overview:

This course provides the students with the knowledge of how an Air Brake system operates and being able to identify its major components. The student is prepared for the official Ministry of Transportation (MTO) Air Brake endorsement test. Students learn the legislated parameters for the operation on the Air Brake system under the Highway Traffic Act (HTA), as well as how to test and verify that a commercial vehicle’s Air Brake system is operating within these parameters.

In addition, the students learn how to incorporate the air brake tests into their pre-trip inspections and get hands-on practice with the system tests before being tested. The written and practical tests are conducted at our facility. Our instructors have signing authority to sign-off for students who have successfully completed the written and practical tests. The participant would then go to a DriveTest center to have the “Z” endorsement put on their license.

HoursOverviewStudent-Teacher Ratio
12Classroom Tractor-Trailer Theory15:1
4Air Brake Written Test
Air Brake Practical Test

Program Prerequisites:

  • Full class “G” license.

Career Opportunities:

Successful graduates will receive the “Z” endorsement added to their existing license. Those holding a “GZ” license are legally allowed to drive small straight trucks (less than 11,000 kg) that are equipped with air brakes.

“GZ” drivers typically obtain well paid, hourly, local jobs driving for businesses that utilize small straight trucks. Others choose to continue their training by participating in either the Class “A” or “D” program.


Fees for the CHET Air Brake (Z) Endorsement Course is $275 (taxes included).

Upcoming Available Dates

To find out about the next available course dates please contact Ian Baboolal at 647 271-0061.

Limited seats available.